Our Story

Our story begins in 2010 when we as the young and creative couple came up with the idea of creating our own brand of modern and high-quality watches at fair prices. Since then, our watches can be found under the trademark URBAN WATCH in every corner of the world.

The design of our watches is inspired by the best of modern and traditional elements, creating a natural connection between these two opposites. Our goal is not to follow trends, but to set them. The purpose of our creation is not simply to show time but to create beautiful timepieces of superior performance and reliability with its own personality to become your best friend.

URBAN WATCH is a 100% independent family brand, designed and created with love.
I am extremely excited to welcome you to new URBAN WATCH website!
Thanks for joining!
-  Ivan Petrovic / Co-Founder & CEO
Hope you like our watches, and you will become a part of our growing family.
Thanks for joining!
-  Antonija Petrovic / Co-Founder & COO
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