Instructions of Use

Setting the Time
1. Pull out the crown of the watch.
2. Turn the crown to set the time.
3. Return the crown to the normal position.
1. Keep your watch away from hard objects.
2. Regularly clean the watch and strap. Keep your watch away from erosive fluids, including saline liquid, shampoo, nail polish and other chemical liquids.
3. Do not put the watch in hot water and do not use it in extremely cold and hot conditions.
4. Do not open the cover of the watch.
5. Keep a sufficient distance from any electronic or magnetic objects.
6. The level of resistance to water is clearly displayed on the cover of every URBAN WATCH.
Water Resistance
Waterproof: Perspiration (avoid any contact with water).
3 ATM (30m/100ft): Water resistance in everyday life (avoid any contact with water).
5 ATM (50m/150ft): Showering or bathing without immersion in water. Splashing or in the rain.
10ATM (100m/300ft): Suitable for swimming and water sports.
20ATM (200m/650ft): Increased water resistance for snorkeling.
If you have any questions regarding instructions of use, please contact our customer service here.