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New collection

The new fashion campaign of URBAN WATCH watches was filmed on the streets of the city of Zagreb and shows how watches fit perfectly into the urban lifestyle. The Croatian brand, backed by a young and creative couple, was created five years ago in the desire to create a quality and modern product at an affordable price.The story takes on a new dimension and added value if we consider that they did all the work in creating and branding their project themselves. After several collections that were recognized by many world fashionistas and expanding to the European and US markets, they realized that they are on the right track and that their story has a bright future. This year they...

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New In

Last week I was blessed to receive this beautiful time piece from URBAN WATCH, with its rose gold finishing and pale pink leather strap this is truly a work of art. You know when you get something new that’s so perfect you can’t even bare to wear it for the first few days, you just keep taking it out of the packaging and looking at it, smelling the leather and turning it over in your hands… just me? oh! This is perfect for me because I love the big watch faces but I’m not a big fan of the chunky styles, so the slim face gives it a more elegant feel without being dainty! The pink strap gives it a...

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Super cute

This week was pretty busy, and that`s the main reason for not posting earlier. Fashion meeting about some great project, bloggers night out with cocktails and good music, and photo shooting for a weekly magazine. And you will see soon, what is all about. Neon watch, which i got thanks to the URBAN WATCH brand. Source: Fashion & Style

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