World success of the Croatian brand URBAN WATCH

World success of the Croatian brand URBAN WATCH

Source: Women In Adria
A young and enterprising couple from Zagreb decided to apply their knowledge and experience gained in the business world to their own project.

Like any entrepreneurial story, this one included a good foundation for success - a lot of work, a clear vision, but also great love and togetherness.

The story of the URBAN WATCH brand is the story of the success of the domestic product on the world market. The couple behind this Croatian and world brand, and in an interview they discovered what is behind their success.

How it started, do you remember the moment when the first spark appeared, the first idea and did you hope for this kind of success?
The idea of starting a business and creating our own brand is something we have been dreaming about for a long time because we are both fans of beautiful and elegant watches. The thought that guided us was to create a product that will conquer the world market with its design, quality and affordable prices.

The first concrete progress in this direction occurred in 2010 when we definitely decided to go the way of entrepreneurship and in a very short time managed to organize the entire production process - from design and production to the final product. Creativity and innovation have always been part of our thinking and therefore it was not difficult for us to independently work on the visual identity of the brand, watch and packaging design, web design, marketing and everything else needed for a successful business.

After several collections recognized by the world of watch lovers and expanding to the European and US markets, we realized that we are on the right track and that our story has a future.
How did you prepare to enter the market?
Once we had our watches in our hands, we realized the value of everything we had done up to that point and that we had created a product that deserves to stand on an equal footing with any global brand. From the beginning, we thought that the Internet offered countless possibilities, and it was only up to us to use that potential and direct it in the right direction.

Our start was linked to a website through which we introduced customers to our brand. Social networks also played a very important role in our story as they gave us access to people from all over the world.
Today, the Internet gives everyone numerous opportunities and possibilities, but it also makes a selection. Some succeed, some don’t… What do you consider the secret to your success?
A lot of people we know have great ideas, but they never decide to take that first step and don’t move in the right direction. In our opinion, determination, perseverance and organization are the most important characteristics of every entrepreneur, and without them it is very easy to give up on the first obstacle that appears, and there are them every day. We are of the opinion that the market cannot survive only on the basis of a good product or service. You need to constantly educate yourself, look for new solutions and always be one step ahead.
You have very skillfully used the advantages of social networks, blogs, today's way of communicating with potential customers. Do you follow the trends yourself or do you rely on an agency in your work?
As we have already mentioned, the Internet today offers everyone unlimited possibilities. Bloggers are a contemporary phenomenon and are certainly one of the important channels of communication between us and a certain circle of people who follow the news from the fashion world. We believe that we have managed to take advantage of online business and that we have successfully incorporated today's trends and the way we communicate with customers into our story. We must emphasize that we rely exclusively on our own forces without the involvement of agencies.
Is URBAN WATCH a completely domestic product?
Unfortunately, it is still not possible to fully produce a sophisticated product such as a watch in Croatia, because we do not have a manufacturer of mechanisms that are the heart of every watch. The precision mechanisms that drive URBAN WATCH watches are produced by a factory in Japan that has a tradition since the 1930s. Bracelets and packaging are made of quality Italian leather handmade by our partners in Croatia.
In which parts of the world is a watch with a Croatian signature worn?
We are proud because we can say that the Croatian brand Urban Watch is worn in more than 80 countries around the world, led by watch lovers from Europe, North America and Australia, who are our most loyal customers.
Do you plan to expand the range?
Every year we design two new collections spring / summer and autumn / winter to follow the latest trends in the market, so that all our watches meet great reactions from the audience. We have just finished designing a new collection that we will be presenting soon.
Can we ask you for advice to all those who have a good idea… how to go, what to do next, and finally, how to write a success story…
Croatia, like any other country in the world, is the perfect place to start your own business. If you think you have a good idea, a willingness to constantly learn and develop in business terms, and you are ready for everyday challenges that require a lot of determination and perseverance, you are on a good start to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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