Watches for the world market

Watches for the world market

Source: Tportal
In early 2010, the couple from Zagreb launched a brand of watches that can compete in design and quality on the world fashion scene. The project has already been presented in Europe and the US market. People's reactions are very positive, which is, among other things, the result of very affordable prices. The new collection will soon be presented, which will take us one step further, the owners of the URBAN WATCH brand announce with a smile.
URBAN WATCH is the result of many years of investment of knowledge and experience of this married couple, and today it has become a Croatian brand that is successfully penetrating world markets.

"The idea of creating a brand is something we have been thinking about for a long time, because we are both fans of beautiful and elegant watches. At the beginning of 2010 we took the first steps and launched a project and successfully organized production in a very short time. watches and expanding into the European and US markets, we realized we were on the right track and that our story had a future.”
Collections inspired by world trends
From the very beginning, the idea was moving in the direction of making watches that would be both attractive and accessible to people.

"The idea was to create a product that will conquer the world market with its design, quality and affordable prices. We currently offer 18 women's and two men's watch models from the latest Paris collection. We also offer a large selection of leather bracelets in various colors that can be ordered separately. so customers can have more different watches with smart combinations."
The simple design and the very idea that it is a Croatian product has attracted great interest from world partners.

'We believe that our story is attractive enough, and the prices of our watches are very competitive, which is why URBAN WATCH is the only Croatian watch brand that has successfully penetrated the world market. Each new collection is inspired by world trends and provokes positive reactions from the audience, which has recognized simple design as a faithful companion of every fashion combination."
You can succeed if you have a good idea
In addition to selling their watches through a web shop, they also have reputable partners from the United Kingdom, Portugal and the US who are authorized to represent the brand in their markets. They are extremely glad about that, because they think that the most important thing is that every customer is satisfied.

'From the very beginning, we only encounter positive reactions because people know how to recognize value and quality. To anyone who has ever worn URBAN WATCH, it is clear that it is a quality product that deserves to stand on an equal footing with any global brand. So far, customers have not had any special requirements, but we are ready to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding ', they note.
Every year, two new collections appear on the market, and soon one of them will be presented.

'Every year we design two new spring / summer and autumn / winter collections to follow the latest market trends so that all our watches meet great audience reactions. We have just finished designing a new collection that we will present soon."
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