Success indicators

Success indicators

Source: DIVA
That the simplest ideas are often the best, especially when combined with a lot of perseverance, will and love for what you do, proves the story of URBAN WATCH, the Croatian watch brand.
The idea of starting a business and creating your own brand is something the couple has been dreaming about for quite some time.

"The thought that guided us was to create a product that will conquer the world market with its design, quality and affordable prices," the two say.

Creativity and innovation have always been part of their thinking and therefore it was not difficult for them to independently work out the visual identity of the brand, watch and packaging design, web design, marketing and everything else needed for a successful business.

They say that the concept and purpose of their business venture are not simple time indicators but the creation of beautiful watches of superior quality and reliability, but with their own personality. An item you will love because of the look, not just the functionality.
Marketing wise URBAN WATCH has turned to the blogging community and social networks that are getting stronger day by day. “Bloggers are a contemporary phenomenon and are certainly one of the important channels of communication between us and a certain circle of people who follow the news from the fashion world,” they say.

Indeed, they have taken fantastic advantage of online business. After several collections recognized by world watch lovers and expanding to the European and US markets, they realized that they are on the right track and that their story has a future.

"From the first models to production, there were minor adjustments in the cuts because I wanted to get realistic models in sizes that would suit real women."
Unfortunately, it is still not possible to fully produce a sophisticated product such as a watch in Croatia, because there is no manufacturer of mechanisms that are the heart of the watch.

“The quality mechanisms that power URBAN WATCH watches are produced by a factory in Japan that has a tradition since the 1930s. Bracelets and leather packaging are produced by craftsmen in Croatia, and the watches are made of stainless steel and are assembled in accordance with the highest world standards in a modern factory in China, ”explains the creative couple.

URBAN WATCH watches have found their owners in more than 80 countries around the world. For now, they consider their greatest success to be the fact that they managed to create a brand that is recognizable among the world's fashionistas.
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