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Do you know that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas? We would agree with that, especially when such an idea is attached to a lot of persistence, business will and love for what you do - just like the example of URBAN WATCH.
What is it about? URBAN WATCH is a brand of watches that has emerged as a result of several years of investment of domestic knowledge, experience and resources of the young couple from Zagreb. How did it come to the realization of this business idea?
"The idea of ​​starting a business and creating our own brand is something we've been dreaming for a long time because we are both lovers of beautiful and elegant watches. The idea was to create a product that will win the world market with its design, quality and affordable prices. In 2010 we launched production and the first models of watches appeared on the market. After several collections recognized by world-class watchmakers and expanding to the markets of Europe and the US, we realized that we are on the right track and that our story has a future. Creativity and innovation have always been a part of our thinking and therefore it's not difficult for us to do all the hard work. As far as production is concerned, there is still no timepiece maker in Croatia, so that we put our trust company in Japan, which has a tradition of production of precise mechanisms of 1930. Straps and exclusive packaging are made of quality Italian leather made by our partners in Croatia."
Thinking globally, they opted for the online sales network. "So far our business has been based on online sales through our website, with the fact that we have foreign business partners that represent our brand in their markets. In the future, we plan to invest in the further development of the brand and expanding the network of business partners, and we've just finished the design of the new collection of watches that we will soon be presented to the public."
Source: Grazia

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